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Francois Veltz 

François Veltz

Roche Diagnostics Patentreferent
Medical and Information Technologies - Examples [1] [2]

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Intellectual Property Research and technical skills

IP Research keywords : search, semantics, discoverability, undistributed code, codification, open source, licensing, patent monetization,  competition law, interoperability, standards, apprenticeship, crowdsourcing, collaborative innovation, contamination, computer security, code encryption, software reverse engineering, ...

Drafted and prosecuted patent applications (examples, in no order): peer-to-peer search, directory search, pattern detection, interactive digital media, Digital Rights Management, content security, circumvention of content filters, display and user interface, input devices, image resizing, video processing, geolocation, processor virtualization, IT monitoring, P2P network administration, computer security, Java programming language, business rules management, networking technology, sensors and actuators, RFID,...

Software skills : search and internet technologies, digital media, advertising (adblockers), screen scrapers, virtual worlds and games, cloud computing (storage, virtualization, etc), semantics, web 2.0, mashups,  ...

"Software patents and Open Source"
mental map is available 
 (2007/01 update) 
Contact me to discuss above topics !


  • Synthetic Biology and IP (current)
  • Adblockers or the Death of Advertising
  • Software patents and Open Source
  • Cloud Computing and Patents
  • Patent valuation (IP stock exchange)
  • Semantics and IP
francois veltz


« Image mining : accelerated visual analysis » in Défense Nationale Review, June 2004, p.101-112. In English or in French

Interview in MagSecurs about video mining and porn filtering, 07/2005. In French online or here

"Des marques aux brevets, une technologie française immergée dans le droit de la propriété industrielle" in Telecom Review, 12/2004. In French

Work experience

12 years of experience in R&D, industry and services

2011 : Roche Diagnostics as Manager Patents (Heidelberg, Germany). Portfolio management (drug delivery systems, e.g. micropumps for diabetes care). Medical apps on smartphones. Interests: open source technologies in safety-critical medical device platforms, medical data management, sensors, automated pancreas, synthetic biology.

2006 - 2010 : IBM Europe Intellectual Property Law Department, as Intellectual Property Law Attorney Associate (Nice, France), Digital Media department (e.g. content filtering, adblockers). Permanent member of the Worldwide Corporate “IBM Cloud Computing Patent Task Force”.

2003 - 2006 : LTU Technologies as Marketing Manager (Paris, France). LTU is a software startup focusing on image search. Markets include image-based investigations (child exploitation, stolen art, forensics), defense-oriented intelligence, IP applications (counterfeiting detection, brand protection, online copyright management, image tracking), porn filtering and video mining. LTU is involved in the European "Quaero" project (multimedia search engine)

2000 - 2003 : SGI-Silicon Graphics as Channel Marketing Manager (Paris, France). SGI is a computer hardware company focusing on high performance computing, visualization and storage. Markets include digital media, video, 3D, scientific computing and virtual reality.


5 years in science and 5 years in law & business
(M.A. and Ph.D levels)

Main degrees : Engineer / Master's degree in Engineering (major fluid mechanics, scientific computing), 5Y. MBA (Sorbonne Graduate School of Business), 1Y. Master's degree in Industrial Property Law (CEIPI - EPC 2000 - LL.M.), 1Y. Master's degree in Intellectual Property Law (Panthéon-Sorbonne University - LL.M.), 1Y. General Law Education (LL.B./J.D. in French civil law), 3Y.

Additional studies : computer security (ENST), economic intelligence (IHEDN), psychology, geography.

Currently : EQE 2010 taken in march 2010 (papers A, B,C,D), part-qualified.

A press article in French : Le Figaro Etudiant or here

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Favorite books

IP : Stallman, Boyle, Benkler, ...
Biology : Gould, Venter, Dawkins, Ameisen, Prochiantz, Pelt, ...
Cosmology : Nottale, Greene, Cassé, ... 
Economy : Rifkin, Mandelbrot, Bouleau, Maris, Artus, Aglietta, ... 
IT news : Wired, MIT Technology Review, Slashdot YRO, MiscMag, PatentlyO, IAM blog, FT, ZeroHedge, EFF, Schneier, O'Reilly, TED, Tech Talks, ...

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